Kijk! Knoester Master Opticians goes along with the industry and is always aware of the latest fashion developments.

The Kijk! team is aware of the importance of proper glasses. We make sure they are precisely measured and made with the latest and best materials. What we find just as important is the appearance; we also browse all international fairs to find the most beautiful frames.

So in the 25 years that Kijk! has existed we have been dealer of many different brands. For example we have: Philip Starck, Alain Mikli, IC Berlin, Lafont and Anne et Valentin. No fashion brands with big logos on the side, but beautiful designs that stand out from the crowd. Not that we don’t have any of those though, because we also have the most beautiful frames and sunglasses of for example Cartier and Silhouette. Usually without logos, the recognition is in the fine details.

At Kijk! Knoester Master Opticians we see you as unique and will help you to find a pair of glasses that is just as unique as you.

We can tell you a lot about; computer glasses, sports glasses, bifocals, prism glasses, children’s glasses, sunglasses, golf eyewear, goggles, car glasses, etc. etc. but we’d like to personally do so in the shop.

That is our passion!

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