Soft lenses
For anyone who wants to see clearly without glasses has Kijk! Knoester Master Opticians soft lenses. If you have made the decision to get lenses with us you will first receive a comprehensive eye test by a licensed optician. During the test the specialist will determine if your eyes are suitable for contact lens wear. If your eyes are suitable for contact lenses we will commune with you which type of lens is ordered.
Kijk! Knoester Master Optics can buy lenses from any brand.

Hard lenses
Hard lenses are always tailored to the shape of your eye. Kijk! Knoester Master Opticians has the proper equipment to examine your eye and mapping it the best possible.

Night lenses
If you dont want to wear glasses or lenses during the day then Kijk! Knoester Master Opticians has a solution for you; the night lens.
This rigid lens is worn while you sleep and forms your eye so that you can see sharp during the day.

When you’ve chosen a type of lens you would like we will give you learn you how to wear them. During this instruction you will be taught how to use your lenses, how to take them out and how to clean the lens.

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