Kijk! Knoester Master Opticians has one of the largest collections of children’s glasses in The Hague and surroundings. The Kijk! team accompanies you and your child to pick out a stylish glasses that suits his or her age. Based on the ophthalmologists measurement of your child eyes we will give you a suitable glass advice on the selected frame.

We at Kijk! Knoester Master opticians think all glasses are special, to make them special for the kids we let your child help with the making / grinding of the new glasses! Your son or daughter has the extremely important task of supporting the optician when grinding the glass in the selected frame. Of course your son or daughter will receive a diploma for the job well done in the workshop of Kijk! Knoester Master Opticians.

Children should be children and therefore we offer the Kijk! Knoester Master Opticians additional warranty outside the normal warranty on the new glasses for your child. The Look, Climb and Play warranty is valid within the first year of the purchase date of the frame and glasses combo.

When the glasses get damaged for the first time, we will pay 70% of the repair cost. If the glasses get damaged a second time Kijk! Knoester Master opticians pays 50% of the repair cost.



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