Kijk! the step-by-step contact lens plan

  1. Wash your hands.

You want to make sure that no dust, bacteria or bits of makeup come in contact with your lens as these can irritate your eyes. Also, use plenty of soap without moisturizers or perfume in it. Rinse your hands well and dry them. This is to prevent unwanted things getting into your eyes.

  1. Always start with the same eye.

Your contact lenses are specifically tailored for each eye, left or right. Since your contact lenses look exactly the same when in the container, it helps if you start with your right eye. If you insert your lenses the same way every time the chances of putting the wrong lens in decreases.

  1. Take the lens out of the lens holder with index finger.

Put the lens on your index finger and check your lens.contactlens-verkeerd if your lens has the shape of a bowl then its good, if your lens has the shape of a deep plate then your lens is reversed. If the lens is reversed you can gently reverse it back to the right shape. If your lens feels dry then you can add an aditional drop of liquid on the lens.

  1. Keep your eyelid up and put your contact lenses in.

contactlensrealUse the middle finger of your lenshand to keep your lower eyelid fixed. Use your free hand to keep your upper eyelid up. Bring your index finger to your eye with the lens and insert the lens upon your eye. A soft lens positions itself automatically.

  1. Blink your eyes, look at yourself with a smile.

Blink your eyes and look in the mirror. If everything feels good and looks great, you are finished. That was a piece of cake!