All of our sunglass lenses are 100% UV radiation absorbing. Kijk! Knoester Master opticians even has the possibility to get you corrective polarized sunglass lenses.

If you are looking for a good pair of sunglasses, it may be difficult. The Kijk! team is trained to help you and we love to do so! You can visit us any time you want but if you make an appointment we can really take the time to help you find what you are looking for.

We have divided the collection into:

  1. Sports Sunglasses. Running for include, cycling, skiing and golf.
  2. Fashion Sunglasses. The best brands to show off on the beach or terrace.
  3. Contrast Sunglasses. For example, use in traffic.

All sunglasses that we bought at national fairs are naturally flawless and complete ultra violet protective. every pair of glasses is custom made and comes with warranty and maintenance. For a small fee you can insure your new sunglasses with us against breakage, loss or damage.

Maui Jim
Maui is one of the most colorful, and lively places on earth . However, the intense sunlight knows how to hide that beauty. therefor Maui Jimmj-glasses-beach-reflection‘s PolarizedPlus2® technology  goes further then just protecting your eyes from blinding and harmfull UV light. It reveals and sharpens the detail of the vibrant colors of the world.

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